Microsoft has some bad news for everyone who has bought the company an e-book. She announced the decision to block all sold digital works. We are talking about all the books realized by the company beginning in July 2017.

Money users, of course, return. They will be automatically transferred to the Bank card transaction fails. If the card account is not linked, the company will not be able to return the funds, but will provide equivalent credit for purchases in the Microsoft Store. Monetary compensation of $ 25 will also get all the users who were doing in the books notes. Along with books, access to them will also be blocked.

Content blocking Microsoft planned to commence in early July.

If you didn’t know that Microsoft sells e-books… it is, in fact, can be called the cause of a recall. The fact that digital books, which the Corporation sells in 2017, it was possible to read only in the Microsoft Edge, and therefore a special excitement this service of the audience did not cause.

But do not worry for Microsoft, it is unlikely that this forced the lock will cause the Corporation serious damage. In April of this year, she joined Apple, Amazon and PetroChina in the list of companies with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion.

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