Microsoft will improve Windows security at the hardware level
The company decided to secure the device on which you installed Windows 10. Therefore, it will implement the algorithms of the OS on the new Intel chips, AMD and Qualcomm. They will be similar to those that Apple uses.

The company has set a goal to increase the security of computers and laptops. A new feature will apply to new equipment with Intel, Qualcomm and AMD. In addition, the equipment must be compatible with Windows 10.

The essence of protection is to isolate the encryption keys and cookies from operating system files. First of all, it will eliminate the possibility of compromising the device during a hacker attack.

In other words, the company will improve security at the hardware level by using access control to the boot loader and the limited confidence in the firmware.

Microsoft officials have compared the new algorithm with DRM protection on Xbox. During the comparison, they noted that even the physical owner of the device, the company doesn’t trust. The reason for distrust — the company does not want to let the user hacked into the console and run your game.

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