Microsoft will no longer support the device BandНосимые gadgets Band combine functions of smart hours and fitness trackers. After may 31, Microsoft will no longer support their operation.

The release device is started in 2014, but in 2015, Microsoft decided not to develop and produce new models.

Applications that are responsible for the operation of the devices, will stop may 31. On the same day, will close a special website and a cloud service responsible for the functioning of the devices. Software products for the Band removed from the app stores Google Play and the Apple App Store.

People who actively used the device in recent years — from December 2018 to March 2019, Microsoft promises to provide compensation: Band 1 — $ 80, Band 2— $ 175. What device was actually used, must confirm statistics in the cloud, reports REGNUM.

Recall that the gadgets Band tracked health information of the owner in 10 areas, including the heart rate, number of steps and calories burned, degree of stress and even exposure to sunlight on the skin.

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