Safety is paramount.

Soldiers of the Russian army was finally forbidden to use any gadgets with Internet access, as well as having pages on social networks. This prohibition is derived from the bill on amendments to article 27 of the law “On status of servicemen”, adopted today in the third reading.

The bill is intended to limit the status of military personnel. Soldiers should be required to exclude the possibility of transmission through gadgets with Internet access audio, photos, and videos, and geodatabases. After the law came into force soldiers will not be able to use gadgets (e.g. smartphones or tablets) with access to the Internet, and tell us about yourself or colleagues in social networks.

The ban on disclosure applies to all military personnel. Limitation of the status of servicemen of the Russian army it is necessary to reduce the interest of foreign intelligence services. Previously, the command of military units issued their own orders and instructions governing the features of the gadgets and stay servicemen in social networks.

Source: State Duma


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