Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo continues to share new information about the yet unannounced Apple devices. Moreover, in the last forecast, he told not only about the iPhone. Analyst shared information about almost all Apple devices that Apple may show this year.


According to Ming-Chi Kuo, this year cupertinos again will introduce three new smartphones. This analyst is sure that externally, the novelty will not be too different from its predecessors: the overall dimensions of the device will not change too much, but the openings in the screens will be saved.

As for innovation, Ming-Chi Kuo reports a modified and improved system, Face ID, an advanced navigation module, which will allow you to navigate even in areas, more powerful battery and special two-way wireless charging. The latter will allow the iPhone to charge other gadgets wirelessly. This possibility will be relevant together with the case for AirPods.

In addition, analysts believe that this year Apple will abandon the Lightning connector in their own smartphones.

iPad and iPad mini

According to the predictions of Ming-Chi Kuo, this year cupertinos finally released the long-awaited iPad mini 5. Moreover, the expert believes that the compact Apple tablet will get enough productive filling.

Some changes will have to happen with the “classic” iPad. In particular, there is a possibility that the display of the tablet will grow with the usual 9.7 to 10.2 inch. It is not excluded that it will change the design of the device.

Mac and MacBook

Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will not leave without attention and their computers. So he predicted cupertinos can complement its line of laptops by the model 16 or 16.5 inches. If the rumors are true, the novelty will be the big MacBook in the current lineup. Recall that in the past Apple has released the 17-inch model, but in 2012, they disappeared from the shelves.

To less global change analyst will take exit 13-duymuyor MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM. At the moment users of this model can equip your computer is only 16 GB of RAM. But this year, the limit should be removed.

But the most notable announcement this year should be the release of the new Mac Pro. It is assumed that the new product will have a modular design, so users will be able to change some components. It is worth noting that in the past Apple representatives themselves hinted at a modular Mac Pro. Therefore, this prediction looks quite accurate.

Brand new monitor

In addition to all the above Ming-Chi Kuo also said about Apple’s desire to return to the segment of professional monitors. According to analysts, especially for the cupertinos are preparing a new brand for 31.6-inch monitor with a resolution of 6K and Mini LED lights.


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