Need to reduce stronger.

Not the biggest price reduction for the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR at the beginning of 2019 has not helped Apple to significantly improve their position. Analysts at UBS said that after reducing prices on the iPhone in some regions, a noticeable increase in demand among consumers did not happen. Because of this in the near future, Apple may further reduce prices, according to experts.

The decrease in the price of not attracted to Apple much more buyers. In China noticed the decline in iPhone sales by 18% in January 2019. For comparison, in January 2018, the drop was 20%. According to a leading expert, UBS Timothy Arcuri, this statistic shows that the adjustment of the prices of the Apple has not had a large positive impact on sales.

In January 2019 Apple CEO Tim cook said that the company intends to reduce prices for the iPhone in countries where local currency has weakened in recent years. Following this statement, cook about any cuts Apple announced. However, in China, Japan and Russia noted a decline in prices for iPhone. However, in Russia it can be associated with the decision of Apple to reduce the iPhone price, and with the special promotions the retailers to gender holidays.

It is expected that if the demand for the iPhone due to the first reduction of prices will not increase in the future Apple will reduce the cost of its smartphones harder.



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