Moscow, September 20 — “News. Economy” Young people are usually the first to receive the latest gadgets. But in China, surprisingly often in young people you can see the smartphones of the company, which many have long been forgotten: BlackBerry. Surprisingly, it was the BlackBerry smartphones are especially popular among students who want not to be distracted by the temptations of today’s digital world and concentrate on their studies.

Online retailers say that users still appreciate the BlackBerry phones for the security, appearance and physical QWERTY keyboard. Those looking for a way to avoid using the Internet, usually choose old phones running BlackBerry OS that does not support many new applications.

Canadian brand previously produces the most popular smartphones in the United States. In 2009, 20% of smartphones shipped with the BlackBerry OS. The phone was popular among top managers on wall street, heads of corporations and the administration of the President of the United States. (Barack Obama still use BlackBerry in 2016 for security reasons)

By 2017, 10 years after the debut of Apple in the iPhone market — share of BlackBerry has dropped to zero, because the market was crowded with competitors, most of whom worked on the Android platform. In the end, the company abandoned its own BlackBerry OS and started the production of Android phones, with a focus on security in 2015. The following year, the company abandoned development of its own phone and transferred the brand to rent TCL, a Chinese company engaged in the production of phones.

Easy to see why the BlackBerry is called the “phone to access from the Internet”. Devices running on BlackBerry OS, are inherently more limited than iPhone and Android phones. This is true even after BlackBerry introduced the ability to install some apps for Android.

According to online forums one of the most popular models is Q10 2013, in which you can install Android APK files. This means that it is possible to install some version of QQ Music and important Chinese app for messaging WeChat, but that’s almost all. In the end, it allows people to save clock, not using the many new services like TikTok.

Another attractive feature is that these phones are cheap. While the newest BlackBerry models still cost about $500, older models can be found for $90.

But fans of BlackBerry getting smaller, in 2017, BlackBerry shipped only 850,000 units of smartphones. For comparison, in the fourth quarter 2010 were shipped 14.6 million units.

BlackBerry still releases new phones. The last of them was LE KEY2, launched in August 2018. There were rumors about KEY3, but there were no official announcements.

Now that BlackBerry is no longer the major vendors, the company shifted to the production of safe communication solutions. The company recently announced a world tour to showcase new solutions for security companies and the Internet of things.

But while BlackBerry is trying to move on, some people still enjoy its glorious past.

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