Many people prefer to play only PvP games against real opponents. Talk about these iPhone games with active communities and vibrant eSports ecosystem.

Next week starts The International tournament in 2018 in Dota 2 (PC, Mac, Linux) with a prize Fund of more than $ 24 million. Competitive games for mobile platforms have lagged behind the PC and consoles by the number of players and prize funds, but they are also slowly developing.

The competition games for iOS (and Android) there are two main problems:

• Large screen gives a strong advantage (on the iPad to play better than on the iPhone).
• Too subtle balance between the Freemium model of earnings and fair competitive game.

These problems in varying degrees, touch every genre of mobile competitive gaming, and go through them separately.

For example MOBA Vainglory

Across multiple mobile MOBA regularly holds tournaments. For example, during the writing of this article took place on the Twitch stream of the competition in the Premier League by Vainglory with professional commentators and promotion of sponsors.

The main problem with these games is that the owner of the iPad has a clear advantage over the iPhone. In MOBA a very important micro, and if your finger touches more pixels on screen than your finger to the enemy, you’re in a losing situation. For professionals it does not matter — they have iPad optimum size, but the average player unlikely to buy and carry a tool to play Vainglory when I got a minute.

Often developers MOBA-games earn cosmetic items that change the appearance of the characters. While many are moving towards League of Legends and raising money for expedited “discovery” of new characters and improving abilities. In this case, the model of earnings puts a “paysite” in a more advantageous position than the player that pays.

In General, MOBA is a Prime example that games for desktop platforms, you can’t just copy and release for touch screens. Fans of Dota 2 and League of Legends, no doubt, will download to the phone is a clone of a favorite game, but spending a lot of time will not.

Battle Royale — PUBG and Fortnite

Genre Battle Royale in eSports is still considered new even for desktop platforms. The organizers are still experimenting with the formats and the teams are thinking of who to hire and what type of device it is better to use.

In this case, again, the iPad has an advantage over iPhone because of the screen size. Fortunately, as the developers are paid only on the cosmetic decorations, players PUBG and Fortnite can’t be in a better position, simply by paying.

Representatives of the genre “like an RTS” for example, the Clash Royale

Another new genre that is unique, optimized for mobile platforms. On the battlefield are the main buildings of both players, which must be destroyed, sending the troops.

Each unit is represented by a separate card with a certain value of “mana”. When a player has enough “mana”, you can put the unit anywhere on their half of the map, and it immediately starts to attack the enemy. Units are divided into air and ground attack from close or far distances, as well as endowed with special abilities.

In this genre, the screen size has little effect on the outcome of the game. Unfortunately, developers have yet to devise a system of earnings, which is not choked to the eSports component. To compete on an equal footing, the players must have the same levels of cards, so one of the contestants almost always have the advantage. To open all the cards to the maximum level in the Clash Royale, without paying a penny, player needs more than 10 years. This is not just to pay the developer a certain amount, and to open all cards at once — user will only get a few chests.

In spite of the complicated system of monetization, Clash Royale there is a live eSports scene with tournaments from developers and third party companies.

Very subjective opinion of the author: the Creators of Clash Royale and other projects of this type like to claim your game to the genre of RTS (real time strategy). These games should have been called “strategic tug of war”. In a classic RTS player needs to constantly monitor the extraction of resources, to make decisions on the movement and composition of forces, and to control units in battle (micro). In the Clash Royale “economy” automated composition of troops predefined prior to the game, selected cards, and the micro is limited to where the player puts another card.

Hearthstone and other card games

Hearthstone is one of the most successful e-sports projects for mobile platforms. The success of the game is that the user can spread the cards out of the phone on the way home from work on the subway, and then home under the same account to log into the game from the computer and run the picture on a large plasma screen.

Hearthstone regularly hosts tournaments of international and local importance, and there is always a lot of Twitch streamers.

Screen size has little impact on playability, but not enough to have any advantage one player has over another. How Blizzard is monetizing Hearthstone, also initially affected the success in some matches, but active players were quickly collected the optimal deck.

About WoT Blitz and fighting games

There is also the genre of fighting games that with the birth of e-sports is in a unique position and has historically had a vibrant and active community. I never belonged to such communities and I find it hard to appreciate modern mobile fighting games.

As for World of Tanks Blitz is a game in which the developers are trying to strike a balance between competition aspects and premium features. The game is available simultaneously on desktop and mobile platforms.

In WoT Blitz, unlike Hearthstone, the keyboard and mouse have an advantage over touch screen. Therefore, although the game is available on iOS and Android mobile eSports it can not be called.

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WoT Blitz


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