As reported by iam-media, that Apple will release a smartphone that can operate in 5G networks, there is no doubt. However, the development of the gadget will cost the Corporation quite expensive.

Recently a Protocol of high-speed data transmission has passed the final certification, which allowed service companies to begin creating the infrastructure for 5G networks.

Further technology development is required to Apple and other smartphone makers have received appropriate licenses for their gadgets.

The use of patents owned by Nokia, will cost three euros or 3.48 dollar for each device. Ericsson asks for their development from 2.5 to 5 dollars per smartphone depending on the type and value of the gadget. The most expensive cost of cooperation with Qualcomm concern wants to 3.25% of the final cost of the phone, which for most models of iPhone will be about $ 13.

The patents protecting the components in 5G networks, is and Huawei, which have not yet said anything about the cost of licensing. It is likely that rates will be closer to bracket Nokia and Ericsson.

Because the patents relate to the 5G standard, regardless of what solution Apple will choose for its smartphones, Microsoft will have to pay license fees for all the above companies. Thus, the price able to work in 5G networks iPhone will be included, as a minimum, 21.48 dollar license fees. This is almost the same as Apple pays for the chips of RAM for the iPhone 8, which cost the Corporation $ 26.50 per set.


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