There are millions of things, and the people who invented them, no need to work: they received a monthly royalty of five zeros from the purchased license companies around the world. Inventions earn not only large companies but also private persons, which in time came up with a promising idea. To better understand how the system works monetization of inventions and copyrights, we asked the patent office GPG.

First of all draw up a patent

May sound obvious, but not for everyone. For example, Benjamin Eisenstadt, at the time, came up with sugar sticks, never thought of that and went right to sugar factories. In the end, they just used his idea, and then filed a patent, leaving him penniless. Now, not only sugar, but all other types of sticks there are in each court and in each food establishment. For example, a good patent can also be used Eisenstadt: taught by sad experience, he invented a granulated sweetener, and immediately issued the patent. After a short period of time the company’s turnover amounted to more than 40 million a year. A more striking example of pick up will be difficult.

Therefore, the most important stage for the subsequent monetization of your intellectual property — a competent execution of the application for a patent, which will have maximum legal protection. Follow all the rules, submitting the application alone is very difficult. So you should entrust it to experienced professionals. So, for example, are employees of the patent Agency GPG protecting the intellectual property of inventors for more than 15 years. What is important, they are not limited to patenting in Russia, and focused on the international level that no vile Yankees stole your invention. The Agency is accredited by the Federal service for intellectual property and ensures complete privacy. You know, without this idea quickly flit away to enterprising hunters. Now let’s talk about the possibilities of earnings. To patent your idea →

Selling a license to use

When your invention is patented and the company want to use it, they need to obtain a license to use your technology. A license can buy a company, and perhaps one to fork out a huge amount of money to create a monopoly in the market. In any case, buyers of the license must first be found. Stand out in the field to which your invention from all of the major companies make a newsletter — send to the email boxes of these companies offers, make a presentation, not concocted by some as in Power Point.

Income from lawsuits

This option is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to patents. Large companies (not just singles) are actively using this option for enrichment. So Apple demanded damages from Samsung for use of the design of the iPhone and production technology. In the end, Apple sued the Chinese giant is 539 million dollars. Another example is the American company on manufacture of tools by Texas Instruments. She’s on the courts with the companies that used without a license its inventions, earned $ 250 million per year. It lasted for more than one year. If you want the same way to income, one in this case, not cope. Therefore, when registering a patent you choose an Agency that will accompany you at all times. For example, patent Agency GPG is ready to represent you in court to protect the Federal Antimonopoly service to register the right in all the important databases and sources. You don’t have to run to the courts alone — this greatly simplifies the protection and increases the probability to sue the scoundrels what’s yours by right. To use the services of the Agency→

The sale of a patent

This is the easiest option. Start with finding a buyer. Think about it, who are interested in this offer, for some areas will be suitable (be it manufacturing or services). Use special recorders that record a variety of businesses and which can literally take turns to call each company. When you find one that is interested in your development, you need to show, tell and show what a good invention that it will improve, as will help beat the competitors. The Network many sites that are databases of ideas, new methods and products. The company regularly review the sites. By the way, not limited to only Russian — post your ads in all bases (and not only in the largest). Online agencies that in different ways help to sell the patent, too much. Some develop strategy for sales, prepare paper; others sell through the online auction. So if you did as we said above, it took time, but it did not move, you can try to sell the rights to the idea to great advantage. Just think about this before doing it: there is a risk that in the long run you will lose a lot more. When a buyer is found, consult with the Agency on how to handle this case. And even better for you if you hire them to support the deal and help you out. Yes, it will cost a few thousand, but will help you sell a patent legally without pads and on more favorable terms. If your invention is really necessary for companies, it helps make services, goods and services better, not sell it: disappear constant source of reliable income.

Resale of patents

This implies that there is extra money. In those databases, about which we wrote above, you can find patents that will be of interest to companies and which has remained unnoticed. Have flair, you know, some of them very soon will need many large firms — to buy. When the demand for them will grow, you can get a large amount in the sale. This is reminiscent of buying domains.

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