Recently Apple began selling its new flagship 6K-monitor called Pro Display XDR. Novelty is one of the most advanced solutions on the market. However, today it became known that the monitor can be used with all computers.

According to one Twitter user, when you connect the Pro to the iMac Display XDR Pro, the monitor limits the resolution. In fairness it should be noted that in the past cupertinos already hinted at such a limitation. The company had previously published the document, according to which Pro Display XDR can be connected to a Mac Pro in 2019, iMac 2019, 16-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018, as well as other Apple computers via the Thunderbolt 3 by using an external graphics card eGPU Blackmagic.

Confirmation that the #iMacPro does drive the #ProDisplayXDR 🧐

At 5k. Not 6k.

— Thomas Grove Carter ✂ app (@thomasgcarter) December 13, 2019

As noted by Thomas grove Carter, when you try to connect a new monitor to the iMac Pro, the maximum resolution of the external screen is automatically limited at around 5K.

While you don’t have any feedback from users who decided to connect the Display XDR Pro to iPad Pro 2018. It is not excluded that the situation will be roughly the same and the maximum resolution of the display decreases below the maximum possible value.


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