Only recently became aware of the fact that some time ago Apple has launched its gaming service. The company’s employees gained access to the Apple of Arcade for only $ 0.5 per month. However, as it became known today, ordinary users will have to pay 10 times more – $ 5 per month.

According to well-known developer Guilherme Rambo Apple Arcade will cost $ 4.99 per month. The first month will be free. Such information has found in one of the APIs used for the application App Store.

It is difficult to say exactly how much it will cost to subscription in different regions. But we can assume that the cupertinos will go the same way as in the case of Apple Music. For example, in the United States monthly subscription to Apple’s music service costs $ 9.99, whereas in Russia – $ 169. While student Apple Music costs 4.99 dollars for the United States and 75 rubles for Russia. Thus, for Apple Arcade Russian users presumably will need to pay 75 rubles per month.

For this small amount the owners of Apple devices can access a large library of quality mobile games, many of which will be available in the service exclusive. In the past, Apple has said that at the time of launch in the Apple Arcade will be available approximately 100 projects.


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