Rumors about the new iPhone begin to appear immediately after the previous announcement, but now it goes beyond all limits. Literally everything important is already merged at the beginning of 2019, more than six months before presentation. Now there is a discussion of the details like battery capacity or appearance of some items. Despite this Apple is still one of the most anticipated events of the year, so “” tells what to expect from the new iPhone.

In recent years, Apple manages to keep a few of the details of the new iPhone: the final title, date of commencement of sales and cost. On these topics the most speculation, and the decision thereon shall be at the last moment. And given the confusion of the company (for example, the abrupt transition from eighth to tenth immediately iPhone), even for a few hours before the presentation is a lot of controversy on this subject.

One of the main versions, the new iPhone will be called XI and Max XI (read as “eleven” and not “x is-ay”), and XIr (respectively, the “eleven-er”). It is worth to clarify that in 2019 Apple will release three smartphones that are the same line last year: there are two flagship models with screens of 5.8 and 6.5 inch and one simplified with a 6.1-inch display.

According to another version, the new Apple smartphones will get a more familiar name: 11, Max 11, and 11r. The other names are not so far apart in the network, but Apple can do to turn and release just iPhone, thereby “resetting” the line, as it was already several times with the iPad.

However, in other areas, nothing really new is expected. Likely to distinguish the new from the old iPhone would be almost impossible. Some insiders and analysts suggest that Apple will reduce the “unibrow” with the front camera and sensors Face ID, but the probability is very small, such changes should not wait until 2020.

The main difference is expected on the rear panel — the iPhone of XI and XI Max is triple the camera, and with unusual arrangement of the modules in the form of a triangle. Because of this, the unit cells will be square. Their characteristics little is known, but all sources agree that the usual and the zoom lens adds wide-format module, as Huawei P30 and Samsung Galaxy S10. And this unusual arrangement of modules necessary for the correct assessment of depth of space and the smartphone with augmented reality. The front camera will get a resolution of 12 megapixels (now she has only 7 megapixels).

Other important features — remove 3D Touch of all Apple smartphones. This indirectly confirms that found in the first test version iOS 13 a bug, which on all iPhone (including 3D Touch) did not work this technology. And, judging by the situation with the iPhone Xr users quite easily live without it, especially in iOS 13 came up with the replacement of nearly all the action with 3D Touch.

And last, but also remarkable: the iPhone will change the mute switch. Now it will be vertical, as in the old iPad.

With iPhone XIr situation is similar: externally, it’s about the same smartphone with exactly the same compromise that was in Xr compared to Xs. It will have the same large frame around the screen and the screen will have a diagonal of 6.1 inches at resolutions below Full HD on 828 1792 pixels (326 ppi). He has a new lever switching sound modes, as in XI. With this Junior iPhone will finally add a second camera with the double zoom. No more changes are anticipated, except get rid of the blue and coral colors and replace them with the green and pale purple.

Rather curious look the latest rumor is that Apple will release a special version of the iPhone without a Face ID for the Chinese market. This is done to reduce the cost of the phone, as the system is too expensive to manufacture. Instead of a face scanner, the company will put the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, but it’s unclear exactly how it is implemented: will be placed under the screen on the side face of the power button or back cover. Despite the ambiguity of these rumors Apple has already released a special version of its phones for China (like dual-SIM Max Xs and Xr), so suddenly these “special” phone will be new XIr.

Part of dedicated hardware, as always, the least interesting. Besides the already mentioned above, new cameras, iPhone XI and XIr will receive a new Apple A13, about which little is known. It is also reported that XIr is four gigabytes of RAM, whereas the current Xr there are only three. Options for storage will be the same: 64, 128 (for XIr), 256, and 512 (only for XI).

All new iPhone tipped back wireless charging which can be charged AirPods headphones and other devices that support the standard Qi. The same thing has appeared in your Huawei device and Samsung.

Screens from all three phones will remain the same: 5.8 and 6.5 inches from XI and Max XI, and XIr will get a 6.1-inch panel. Many are waiting for support for the screen refresh rate of 120 Hertz, the iPad Pro, but it’s all just speculation, without any sane evidence.

The bonus will support stylus Apple Pencil first generation. The fact that they write about this is not the first year, and still can “handle” from Apple will not work with the iPhone. However, this year Apple has added support for a gadget on a normal iPad and mini, so it is hoped that the Pencil will be able to connect to the phone.

And finally, complete Apple waiting for a new power adapter, because the standard unit at one ampere charging the smartphone to be so. It is expected that the company will put in my box the same power adapter that comes with the iPad Pro — in 18 watt and USB Type-C. Accordingly, the wire in the kit will now be with the USB Type-C to Lightning.

New design

Past generations of iPhone have shown that Apple will not change the design of their devices for at least three years, but some still hoped that the company will upgrade the appearance of your phone. The reason for these fantasies is the release of the iPad Pro in an unusual case with straight faces. Analysts predict changes in design, don’t care that iPhone and iPad has always been a different design and was not “rhyme” elements. Even the location of the buttons from different devices.

Failure from Lightning

Another thought that many prompted the release of the iPad Pro, the refusal from the Apple connector charging Lightning and switching for USB Type-C. In the case of the iPad is still somehow can be attributed to the attempt by Apple to go on the field laptops, and this should be given the opportunity to connect accessories. But at the moment there are no prerequisites to what Apple will do with iPhone.

5G networks
Well, there is nothing to say: the technology did not really start, so in the mass it is not required. But almost all insiders in one voice repeat, that the network of the fifth generation will be supported in iPhone 2020.

Touch ID below the screen

Despite the rumors about the release of a cheaper iPhone for China with a fingerprint scanner, Touch ID return to normal smartphones are expected. The maximum that can be expected this year, — speed Face ID, although the beta version of iOS 13 and X iPhone pretty quickly recognize the owner.

Folding screen

It has been repeatedly stated that Apple is working on some folding iPad, but it will not be released this year. Just look at Samsung with Huawei, who were among the first showed a foldable phone, but none of them are still not on sale. So with this case it is better not to hurry.

The new iPhone SE
About the new budget smartphone Apple periodically stuffing, but nothing concrete yet. It turns out that his exit should not be expected any time soon. Either Apple still managed to have something to keep secret, though the first option looks more real. Apparently, time for a new SE has not yet come, once and Xr good sale.

Usually Apple introduces new smartphones to mid-September, and if the company will continue this tradition, the announcement will take place on 10 or 11 September (Tuesday and Wednesday respectively). However, on 11 September, no one will hold entertainment events, so that the display can move for a week (on 17 or 18 September). This was also indicated by the latest rumors, based on reports mobile operator Verizon. In this case, the sale will begin next week, Friday September 27.

The final price is similar — the two scenarios. According to the first, Apple will keep the old prices of smartphones from $ 750 for iPhone XIr in the minimum configuration, between $ 1,000 and 1,100 per iPhone XI and Max XI. However, in early July, insiders said that the new iPhone will be even more expensive: about $ 1,000 ask for XIr and about $ 1,200 for XI. Plans to reduce the price of Apple is definitely not.

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