MOSCOW, November 12. /TASS/. Major work on the infrastructure to run the first two Moscow Central diameters (IDC) on 21 November in the capital is completed. This was reported to journalists on Tuesday Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin.

“Done almost everything [to run two WDC on 21 November], we work in a planned manner. We will have additional improvement of the pre-made decisions — transfer from CIP to the platform NACHI [October railway] on the principle of “dry feet”. It will be completed by the end of the year. Expect that at the end of the year will be built on the IDC-1 is a stopping platform “Ostafyevo”, in good condition the project is located,” — said Khusnullin.

He said that the previously announced launch of trains on the first two Moscow Central diameter 21 Nov builders major planned work performed.

“It is clear that this work will continue, there will be other stages, this work is the next 4-5 years. But the first two WDC will go as planned,” — said Khusnullin.

About the Moscow Central diameters

The idea of starting the IDC was announced in November 2017. Participate in the implementation of the government of Moscow and Moscow region, Russian Railways, Russian transport Ministry and sue “Moscow metro”. Operator of transport will be Central suburban passenger company.

Just scheduled the launch of five lines. The launch of the first two diameters (IDC-1 from Odintsovo to Lobna and IDC-2 from Nakhabino to Podolsk), which are so named for the cross-cutting nature of the intersection of the city, is planned before the end of the year. After the first two scheduled to launch WDC-3 from Zelenograd to Ramenskoye, WDC-4 from Aprelevka to Train and WDC-5 from Pushkin to the Domodedovo airport.

The diameters are divided into three tariff zones. Directions to the “Central” will be equal to the trip on the subway and will be 38 rubles in a “Wallet” card “Troika”, the area “Suburbs” — 45 roubles, and “Far” zone, the cost of the trip will consist of two components: a valid ticket on the train (23 rubles for each zone to the borders of WDC) plus 45 rubles. In addition, when the travel of the card “Troika” for passengers of all zones will operate a free transfer to the metro and the ICC. To pay the fare at the IDC will tickets commuter trains, but not use metro transfer and CIP will not be free.

The turnstiles at the stations will be equipped with IDC terminals for contactless payment. Passengers will be able to pay off the cards that support the technology PayPass/PayWave, and gadgets with technology Samsung Pay Apple Pay and Google Pay. When contactless and cashless payment — the fare on WDC for the “Central” area will make 42 roubles. It is assumed that travel on WDC’s and metro will be a total of 2-4 times cheaper than the traditional combination of suburban trains and the metro.

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