According to “Kommersant”, at the recent meeting of the working group, which included representatives of the Moscow government, carriers and passengers of the Union, the parties discussed possible ways to manage carpooling.

The definition of “carpooling” was proposed by the service BlaBlaCar to refer to joint missions. The company also made an initiative for the development of a joint set of rules long-distance travel after allegations of illegal traffic.

The opinions of the participants of the working group was divided. Representatives of the government of Moscow, Department of transport official carriers believe that travel together is a commercial service, so it should be taxed. To simplify the process of regulation, passengers must pay the driver only by means of transfer through the online platorm.

For the introduction of the taxation act and long distance carriers, as you can see in the services of competitors. In their opinion, it is unclear what responsibility the driver is responsible for violations of traffic rules and also how is the insurance of passengers.

In turn, the Ministry of economic development and the Union of passengers consider that the charges for the trip via services such as BlaBlaCar, BeepCar and “Yandex.The ride” barely covers the cost of fuel, and therefore not subject to taxation.

The Federal tax service, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of economy do not know about the upcoming initiative. The Ministry of communications and transport Ministry declined to comment on the situation.


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