The national hackathon for it professionals, designers and managers of the digital economy was held in Moscow on “Red October”. “Digital breakthrough” is a project of the presidential ANO “Russia — country of opportunities” (ANO RSV), a partner of the contest is the Foundation for the promotion of innovation. For the right reach the final in Moscow gathered over 500 specialists. “Invest-foresight” to find out on what tasks the teams worked from the same companies and what awaits the winners-the finalists in the fall.

Solved the problem

Over 36 hours, participants in teams of 3 to 5 people have worked on projects in six tracks: health, education, industry, transport and logistics, housing and urban environment, governance.

Industrial track participants created the blockchain (or a distributed registry) to track the life cycle of the product based on its structure, materials and components, the conditions of manufacture. This information is needed during use of the products, for example, identify the marriage, to prevent accidents. Angelica Sheshunova, CEO and cofounder company Izzzio semifinalists, said:

“Have we developed the blockchain Izzzio is a big advantage — it is written on the basis of domestic cryptography, the other in the blockchain in Russia cannot be used.”

Health the participants made a prototype of a mobile application that collects data from wearable devices and is able to structure the transfer in the SYSTEM; as well as new services for quality control of medical care. The commander team Up United Professional Svetlana Anofrieva works in the “Rosatom”, her team made a prototype of a mobile application and now wants to create a startup to turn it into a full-fledged product.

In the track “housing and the urban environment” team worked to create a voice of robotic assistant for the operator of the Unified dispatching service of housing, which will accept applications from Muscovites for the call plumbing, electrical. The fact that Muscovites complain: I can’t get through to this service and to solve their problems. Now the bot only responds to questions, when will turned off the hot water, how many people have to pay for utilities, that is, simply inform.

For transport and logistics of the hackathon participants solved the last mile problem and build optimal routes. In the last mile of a parcel is lost, stolen, and customers wondering where their package. The “Mail of Russia” there is a solution in the form of statuses, but here the client wants his customers and employees was seen not only status, but also packages and persons involved in the delivery and reception.

For public administration was created prototypes of the platform of financial control of procurement and a single window for communications with the government. For education, among other development that can make a mash (Moscow electronic school) personalized, taking into account the interests, achievements and shortcomings of the student.

Solutions submitted by teams of “Digital breakthrough”, was not absolutely new: in the market there are similar developments, including those made by order of government agencies. For example, the blockchain “Mastercam”, developed under the auspices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But the blockchain is made on the basis of “Ethereum” and not on the basis of domestic cryptography, and while not certified by the FSB. Therefore, government agencies continue to look for solutions. Voice bots, responding to complex questions are already on the market (for example, Ziax), they can be used to solve housing problems. The Apple Watch collects information on the health status of its owner and is ready to even predict Parkinson’s disease. The iPhone has a Health app, which data can be sent to a doctor. Russian Evrika has developed a service to assess the quality of medical care. Single window for communications with the government, Active citizen, etc.

Not about the money

Moscow hackathon portion of the competition, which was held in 40 cities of Russia. Of course, he has a prize Fund in the amount of 10 million rubles (500 thousand RUB. per team), and the size of the grant Fund is 200 million rubles (400 grants of 500 thousand rubles under the program “UMNIK” Fund of assistance to innovation). But a hackathon is not about money.

They are certainly important to the teams of young developers. However, previously the head of “Digital breakthrough” — Oleg Mansurov in his interview told the business magazine “invest-foresight” that one of the main objectives of the hackathon is to build as many relationships as possible between people, both at the level of individual cities and regions and the country as a whole. According to Mansurov, if the person gets even in a simulated environment like a hackathon, the experience of goal setting, experience, achieve, search, allocation of time motion on any road map, in the future he has more conditions and opportunities to start your own project, your startup, your company.

The best teams on the basis of participation in the Moscow hackathon were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts from the organizers: “MegaFon”, Rosatom, MTS, etc. to the Team “369” track “public Administration” — a designer Ekaterina Zotova, Front-end developer Dmitry Kharin, Back-end developer Sergey Galushkin, Director of product Vasily Chernolutsky and project Manager Roman Lutkovskiy, submitted the project of a new service to facilitate the work of small and medium business portals, received an incentive prize from the publication “invest-foresight” book “Blockchain” — the first Russian monograph on blockchain technology with the autograph of the author, doctor of Economics Artem Genkin.


The best teams of the Moscow hackathon got to the final, which will be held in September in Kazan. The finalists will undergo a pre-acceleration program. Participants will be offered assistance in refining its product, testing hypotheses, validating the market. These activities will ultimately help to run the business. But that’s not all. Winners-finalists will receive job offers from leading companies of the IT industry, prizes and grants.

The project “Digital breakthrough” was launched on 3 April, his main goal is to find new talent for the digital economy throughout Russia. The contest received 66 474 applications from Russian regions.

Full information on the final wave of hackathons “Digital breakthrough” can be read here.

The publication “invest-foresight” is an information partner of “Digital breakthrough”, and together with ANO “Russia — country of opportunities” in the framework of this flagship project is holding a creative contest of journalistic works

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