Did not have time in the world to start selling the new iPhone models, Moscow has sold the place in the queue for buying smartphones. So, one Muscovite was selling their place in queues for 30 000 rubles. In this case, as admitted by the man himself, he was not going to buy the phone. But, apparently, he knew what a stir there at the door of the store on the day of the start of sales on September 20, and therefore began to prepare in advance.

According to the Muscovite, he came to the store several times a day — afternoon, evening and late at night. In these moments, no queues, it was claimed, was not. So he managed to take a seat and soon received the order queue position — the buyer was going to purchase an iPhone Pro Max.

But the first iPhone I bought another Muscovite. He, too, had to stand in line. The man just had time in advance to pre-order. He said that he passed by the shop, saw the announcement about the imminent start of sales and ordered two smartphone for himself and his wife. The young man said that he bought two iPhone 11 Pro Max with a total value of 235 thousand rubles.

Recall, September 10, Apple unveiled three new smartphones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. The price for the cheapest of these, 59.9 thousand. The most expensive — iPhone 11 Pro Max memory 512 GB is 131,99 thousand rubles.

In the media appeared information that in our country the smartphones from Apple are sold at one of the highest prices in the world. For example, for the “modest” iPhone 11 64 GB in Japan will have to pay 43 878 rubles, which is 16 000 fewer than in Russia. In Germany, the new smartphone will cost 48 150 rubles, and in Spain 47 947 rubles.

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