App called the best app for Mac, but still great benefit it brought only a developer from China.

A few days ago this app as Adware Doctor, became one of the most downloaded in Apple Store. Suddenly, however, revealed that the most popular antivirus for users of spying for China. The developer claimed that the app is able to deliver gadgets user from all dangerous programs to monitor the activity of your downloaded apps, but you need to give Adware Doctor full access to the data.

If users were willing to accept this condition, the application forwards all information with search history and other sensitive data to Chinese servers. However, to expose the espionage syllable Patrick Wardle who reported to the General public that the developer is named young-Min Zhang may deliberately collect data for their own purposes or for blackmail. Despite the fact that the administration of the Apple Store was notified about the improper functions of the application, it is still not removed from the online store.


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