Analysts trading platform is considered that Russians spent the most money in the past year. It turned out that unconditional leaders in the electronics, primarily smartphones. This year, the experts noted an interesting trend: Chinese manufacturers began to use more and more popular among Russians than Apple products. The undisputed leader is the company Xiaomi, whose products are ordered, on average, one and a half times more often than the gadgets of other brands.

Marketplace “Schoolmates” has entered the market of Kazakhstan

Among other electronic devices that are in high demand in the past year, fitness trackers, robotic vacuum cleaners and TVs. Also the Russians have actively purchased in the Chinese marketplace clothes and cosmetics. Pandao analysts say that in 2018 among the users had their own Champions. One of the buyers made a single order for almost ₽230 thousand, and another user for the entire 2018 purchased in the marketplace of goods at ₽2.5 million note: Marketplace Pandao was created by the Corporation Mail.Ru Group in September 2017. According to the Russian company, by December 2017 service achieved 18850 paid Cossack per day. This amounted to about 50 thousand packages. The service offers the customers more than 170 thousands of products in 22 categories.

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