Marketers especially important to follow new products and stay in trend: smart development improves quality of life not only at home but also at work. Employees of the advertising Agency MediaGuru conducted a survey among colleagues and found out what gadgets are especially loved in their circles. We rarely accept people who are talking with a wireless headset or a clock, crazy city. It’s difficult to surprise the Bicycle without a wheel running alarm clock or Slippers heated. With a clear conscience we put things on automatic helpers who clean homes, cook food and monitor our health. Our desire to save time (or just laziness) the progress and stimulates the minds of scientists on the creation of more sophisticated creations. A canadian firm, for example, recently proposed a glove-mouse, which can be used to access any computer. And someone was smart enough to disguise the hard drive at the Cup of coffee. In any case, we gladly accept these innovations, introduced in life and no longer wish to give them up. We wondered what kind of gadgets regularly come to the rescue of marketers and some of them — the most-most. So I interviewed a marketing guru and even made a rating of the popular devices in their circles. I’m willing to bet that in the list you will find technical and their Pets. 5th place: robot vacuum cleaner the Robot vacuum cleaner has gained popularity recently, so the participants of our survey, and in General the Russians have little experience of its use. So the place is only the latest, but I suspect not for long. The device works on the set up timer and reminder without the excess rolls around the apartment, collecting small litter. Even if you are not home. Isn’t it nice to return from work or travel and discover the removed housing? And the charm of the gadget is not limited to autonomy. • The robot has intelligent sensors, which processes the information. It goes round obstacles in the form of furniture and legs, avoiding suicidal falls from ladders. • Will be able to get under the wardrobe or a sofa collecting dust. Admit it, how often are you doing this? • He is watching his battery. If you want to eat, the robot drives to the database and recharged safely. Roman Lyubimtsev, head of the Department of automation and Analytics, MediaGuru: Among the purchased smart devices one of the most useful was the Roomba. Got them on the advice of friends, from whom he received a lot of accolades. Initially for practical use was skeptical and so not much to be upset about a wasted purchase, chose the robot of the brand Philips. This device younger price category (the price is about 14 thousand rubles) with the function of wet cleaning. In practice it turned out that a vacuum cleaner really cope with their responsibilities and maintains the apartment cleanliness. Freed a lot of time that you can use for something useful. I think this device is a must have. Like others who are doing something for you: wash clothes or wash dishes, for example. In the course of our “investigation” for a miracle-the device received and complaints. So, when working with a wet surface, the apparatus rapidly becomes clogged and contaminated, requiring manual cleaning. Robot to cope only with small debris and Olivier after the new year’s feast from the floor will not collect. Quite the contrary — will smear across the surface. I hope your four-legged pet accustomed to the tray… Else the unit will not climb in remote places, for example, in the gap between the Ottomans sofa or in the corners of the room. Meanwhile, the cost of the robot is comparable to the price advanced hand held vacuum cleaners, which have far more impressive capabilities. 4th place: HomePod wireless speaker from Apple Who’ll play the music, let me remind you about the anniversary aunt and have the clock always busy marketer? Wireless smart speaker from Apple! He will talk about traffic jams on the roads, check the weather, read a bedtime audio book and do much more. When you configure the software platform will take on the role of a home the master and will control your smart devices: curtains, air conditioners, lighting and other “smart” appliances. Alexander jarostchuk, development Director at MediaGuru: the idea to get a pet with artificial intelligence was inspired by Western gloss, and at the time cost $300 at the prices in Amazon. HomePod lives in a beautiful whisper gray hull and understands verbal commands. But only in English. But for me personally it is an undeniable plus, because for many years I learn the language of Albion. On the basis of voice commands HomePod includes Apple Music. Uses technology orientation in space and determines in which part of the room is automatically adjusting the sound. Integration with Siri allows you to send text messages, call your friends, get the news and weather. I want to buy a elements of a smart home, for example, an electronic controller for curtains. My friend HomePod automatically controls the degree of illumination of a berth in the sunlight. A big drawback of the device is Siri doesn’t speak Russian. For some it’s an opportunity to improve the pronunciation in English, and the other limits the scope of assistant. People who “dont SPIK inglish”, it is easier to see the temperature on the thermometer than to formulate a request for a weather forecast for the HomePod. The participants in our survey complained and the other deficiencies Apple. • The functionality of the touch screen is a little bit poor, the useful information on it is almost none. • Speaker only syncs with Apple devices. But also here not without problems: for example, to connect to the speaker via the MacBook can’t. • Siri responds not only to the voice of the Lord. Anyone near the HomePod can, say, ask him to read your last message, or call any contact via voice communication. Speaker will do it without hesitation. Controversial issues around device much and users are still actively discussing the feasibility of this invention. But due to unknown circumstances, the HomePod so popular that gadget lovers don’t stop trying to collect it cheaply by hand. 3rd place: laptop battery Our gadgets need to be recharged, and not always near a socket. Especially for mobile marketers, with their trips, events and presentations. To solve this problem the invented external batteries. They are not only equipped with large capacity for multiple charge devices, but also compact so that you can take with you wherever you want to. Valentin Kuznetsov, the Manager on work with agencies “Yandex”: the Problem with any laptop is its autonomy. Apple is a good indicator of survivability, but I often got into a situation when we were in meetings or offsite events, do presentations and files. And all because they didn’t bring the power cord because it is quite heavy unit. Came to the aid of Baseus Power Bank with the capability to charge the MacBook. Its nominal capacity 20000 mAh, which in real units is about 15000 mAh. This is enough to charge two times a MacBook air. And charging of the iPhone will remain. Disadvantages of external battery virtually none. If only one more than the battery capacity and the more devices it can “feed” the longer she is charging. Again, it does not always have access to a power outlet. Perhaps it’s time to come up with a battery for battery? However, the autonomy of the portable device and its capacity still outweigh the small drawback. So widget is in demand for many of our marketers has become an indispensable godsend. Olga, shock, Business Development Manager Mail.Ru Group: on vacation I don’t go without a portable battery pack I want to do a lot of beautiful photos, and charging for the whole day is not enough. I have the company “Yandex”, it gave at some conference. Use for more than five years, and he continues to work. 2nd place: Fitness bracelet For someone fitness wristbands a fashionable bauble, and for our marketers — an indispensable accessory that enhances the effectiveness of training and facilitates the monitoring of the condition of the body. The modern market offers a wide range of gadgets with different designs, functions and prices. Diversity and accessibility is the first advantage of the device. Irina Silkina, a leading expert on Internet marketing “Yuvelirka.Russia”: it So happened that I lost my phone and went to buy a new one. The choice fell on the newly released Honor View 20. A nice addition to the phone fitness tracker. Not to say that really needed it, didn’t see much point. But when he got in power the death… I don’t know how she lived without it before. Really a very handy thing, especially when you’re in control of your mobility, sleep, communication (if it is inconvenient to get the phone in the subway). I can say for sure — I would then quietly lived without this gadget. But it is present in my life, and I appreciated its benefits. What has pleased participants of our survey: • Bracelet maintains daily activity in the form of statistics that helps to assess trends and patterns of lifestyle. • The gadget has a sleek design. The bracelets themselves are light, almost not felt on the hand. • Device has a smart alarm that selects the appropriate to Wake the sleep phase of your suggested interval. Helps to Wake up on time and in a good mood. Instead of loud and uplifting tracks includes a gentle vibration, than saves from disgruntled mumbling relatives or neighbors (useful for residents of apartments with thin walls). Not a panacea for all problems, of course, but it is an interesting device to save time and maintain tone. Valentin Kuznetsov, the Manager on work with agencies “Yandex”: I Have the second version of the Xiaomi Mi Band, use it for 2 years. In my opinion, the coolest feature is the alarm clock. Every night before bed put on a bracelet that is already set preset alarms for the working week. The trick is that the bracelet understands the phases of sleep and vibrates to awaken you as comfortable as possible. Only use for sleep, and on a single charge bracelet lives 1.5 months. Unlike smart watches, the bracelet is not showing. There are mini-presentation SMS or notifications from social networks. Some models are expensive, which is impractical for just the alarm or just a pedometer. Fortunately, there are cheap bracelets that can be used for one of the required functions. Olga, shock, Business Development Manager Mail.Ru Group: sports use fitness bracelet, which learned from friends. I have the cheapest Xiaomi 1.5 thousand rubles. 1st place: wireless headphones from Apple AirPods Fans of “apples”, and in the world of marketing there are many, know that the original headphones are almost a consumable. Who is confused in hetrulycomes combinations and often fails due to flimsy construction. And generally wires don’t fit the brand’s aesthetic. But they wireless! Still in the box for charging. Is it not worthy for a leading position? Anastasia Volkova, Head of Online Marketing AIZEL.RU: on the first day of using the iPhone X has faced with the global problem: you can not simultaneously charge the phone and listen to music in headphones. So I organized a RAID on the stores and bought wireless headphones AirPods. It seems that the latter instance in Moscow. Now I, like Julius Caesar, can do two things at once: to put the phone on charge and fall asleep to the sounds of your favorite audiobooks (and then half the night in a panic to look for headphones in bed). Really pleased with purchase, especially comfortable to move away from the phone during Skype calls and stay in the conversation. “More magic” — laconic and modest announcement of wireless headphones from Apple. Check out will not believe. And I think the results of our survey confirm the magic of the AirPods. • Quick configuration and automatic synchronization with the device. • Equipment with special sensors. Removed the earphone the music stopped, removed the second ceased altogether. I use one earbud, the second does not work and keeps charging. • Good sound quality. What we can boast of very few Bluetooth headphones. • Controlled by voice commands to Siri. Double-knock with your finger on any earphone, and the assistant is activated. • A good microphone both headphones. Filters out external noise and focuses on voice. • Charging directly at the box (in the docking station, equipped with LED indicator). 15 minutes of charging is enough to listen to music for 3 hours. However, the station will also have regular intervals. • One of the most interesting features AirPods is a joint work with smart clock Apple Watch. Sync gadgets allows you to do without iPhone. Cons as with the previous devices, we also detected. • No wires, which means, the headphones can jump out of the ear at any time. For example, when running or on the subway during rush. • Distinctive design, not for everybody. Looks like a hearing aid or a suspicious piece of jewelry. • Price also for everybody. The price on the official website — 16990 rubles. • Player can be controlled only via voice dictation, which is inconvenient in quiet spaces or crowded places. Tough choice to get iPhone out of your pocket or publicly command: “Siri, play me a song about the color blue mood”. • The manufacturer claims that the shape of the headphones versatile. But the owners of small auricles still not satisfied with the product. • The sound quality is that not everyone is satisfied. Valentin Kuznetsov, the Manager on work with agencies “Yandex”: Apple likes to say in their presentations, “reinvent”, and in the case of headphones AirPords it happened that way. Convenient and practical, close to 90% of the needs of the average user. Music lovers and audiophiles of course, they don’t fit, but listen to music, use headphones as a hands free in the car and use them when skypala is what I believe AirPods best device from Apple for the last 5 years. It is significant that in my Department these headphones every third employee, and many use mobile on Android and OS from Microsoft. In the vastness of YouTube videos users who tested the headphones in the washing machine. We do not suggest to check the resistance of the device in this way, but I think you can safely expect it to work in all weather conditions. Early English sailors were called the word “gadget” sophisticated devices whose names he could not remember. Now its value has become more global sense, and use — universal coverage. Gadgets — our assistants are indispensable tools, faithful companions. On the other hand, the situation is not much has changed: smart devices so much that we are no longer able to remember all their names. How much? We know that, for example, smartphones in the world than toilets in India. Speaking of toilets. On our phones accumulate 20 times more germs than the door handle of the closet. But it is, for reflection.

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