Creative Agency Article Group on March 6 launched on his page on “Twitter” photoshop challenge. It is believed that this part of the promotional campaign by Apple. The essence of the challenge is very simple: take a famous painting, using photoshop add AirPods headphones. The creators-the organizers have promised a prize for the best work, but judging by the responses, it was not the primary motivation. Many were fascinated by the process of creating a funny version of the legendary paintings. To reheat designers and inspire them to an endless stream of creativity, Article Group brought their own examples of remakes of famous works of art. Then the winds was let other users of Twitter. AirPods were in the ears of God and Adam, Frida Kahlo and even Mozart. Like contests to make — love and awards “to pay”. The creators of the Article Group gave the remake a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo. Author Chris Hammack (which, incidentally, is not a designer and economist) received$ 500 for courses in the school of the arts Brooklyn Arts Council. Second place was awarded to cave animals. Bronze was won reinterpreted portrait of Barack Obama from the National portrait gallery in Washington.

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