The company Mozilla, which created Firefox, has published an annual report about the health of the Internet. It turned out that today connected to the Network for 51.2% of the population. While in developed countries the figure is 80.9 per cent, while in developing countries it is only 45.3 per cent.

Analysts come to the conclusion that the duties of personal data and biometrics abuse today, both government and private companies. Users are still not aware of the threats that their data are used by someone else. So the study provides an example of the Indians, over a billion of which were under threat due to vulnerabilities in the government’s biometric identification system.

The study also shows that governments trying to limit Internet access in various ways. China has the video censored in some countries in Africa the use of social networks is taxable in India, the traffic speed is deliberately slow. Only according to the requirements of the German law every day, YouTube removed more than 52 thousand of the rollers, the report said Mozilla.

Most of the world’s Internet control 8 Chinese and American companies. Including Google, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Microsoft and Tencent. These companies have taken control of the Internet almost all levels: from search engines and social media to submarine cables and cloud computing.

Previously, we reported that Facebook was suspected of crispish contacts of 1.5 million users. For this company, prosit a record U.S. fine.


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