The new version of Firefox 69, is scheduled for release in September 2019, the developers at Mozilla are going to disable the Adobe Flash plugin.

In July 2017, Adobe announced plans to cease support for Adobe Flash technology in 2020, to replace which will HTML5, WebGL or WebAssembly. About similar plans announced such large producers of operating systems and browsers, as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla.

In order to give developers and users time to prepare for disabling Flash, Mozilla released the timetable for phasing out support for NPAPI plugins and Flash. NPAPI plugins are a security risk because it runs in user context and not protected by the browser. For this reason, Google stopped support for NPAPI plugins in Chrome in 2013.

According to the road map, in 2019 in Firefox is disabled by default Flash plugin, however, users will be able to activate it on certain sites. In early 2020, the Flash support will be completely phased out in consumer versions of Firefox. ESR branch will continue to support the technology until the end of 2020. In 2021 Firefox stop download plugin.

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