With as many of you know MSI for their motherboards, which is probably the best offer in the market of PC components. But no one lives components Micro-Star International, and today we’ll review the laptop P65 Creator. This laptop is able to satisfy absolutely any needs — from working with complex and heavy software like After Effects to games on ultrastrong graphics.

There are two specifications MSI Creator: the magnificent and fantastic. The differences in the graphics card. In the first case, it will be a 6-Gigabyte GeForce 2060, and the second 8-Gigabyte GeForce 2070. We are talking about the availability of ray tracing in a laptop that weighs less than two pounds. Consider the characteristics and capabilities of the MSI Creator in more detail.

Why MSI Creator more than the top MacBook Pro
All ingenious is simple: the Creator is more expensive because it is better. The difference is very significant, because in the case of the MacBook have to pay for the brand itself. Video card is one of the most important components of a modern computer. On Board of the laptop is MSI — GeForce 2070, and the MacBook Pro comes with Radeon Pro 560X, and the difference between them is immense. On ray tracing has already been mentioned: it is for GeForce 20-series, and, of course, it’s not Radeon. In addition, cards from AMD have only 4 GB is already outdated GDDR5 memory, while the GeForce cards have come with the 6th generation. There is a value of “teraflops” — it shows the level of performance. And on this indicator is ahead of the 2070 card from AMD four times: 10 against 2.6. The tests in 3dmark also show obvious superiority card from a GeForce — the difference is more than 250%. Another quite important part of any laptop is its screen. Of course, in both cases we are talking about 4K, but they are still different. There is such feature as PPI (pixels per inch), or number of pixels per inch. The “Creator” 282 pixel per inch, and the “Mac only” 220. Again, a significant difference of almost 25%. Different ports from the Creator is much bigger, and for some tasks it is also important. Apple Thunderbolt only 3 and a separate headphone port — that’s it. In Creator you can stick anything. There are 3 high-speed USB 3.1, HDMI, mini-DisplayPort; of course, there is a Thunderbolt and not even a Jack for wired Internet. In General, you can plug in anything, and no adapters are needed. Read more about the characteristics of MSI P65 Creator →

The third important advantage of Creator is that he is not a MacBook, so it can be independently upgraded, if you want. Of course, the laptop is not a PC, but insert an additional RAM or swap out the hard drive is quite possible. By the way, in the basic configuration is already 16 gigabytes of RAM, but it can be expand up to 64. Have Macs all components are soldered to the motherboard, and to replace or Supplement nothing happens. From this stems the problem of high cost of repairs: if something breaks, then in the case of MSI, any part changes without any problems, and in the case of the MacBook you just have to recognize the marriage of a keyboard and an apology. Apple engineers designed the keyboard, “butterfly”, all of a sudden it turned out that she with marriage, and its replacement has developed an entire program. The owners offered to send my laptop to the manufacturer and a month and a half to get it back already with a new keyboard. Picture this: you buy a laptop from dear and recognizable brand name Apple for a lot of money, but it does not work — need to return and wait for repair a month and a half. MSI in such fail has never been observed — their motherboards, and laptops, are fairly considered the best and the most reliable.

What can MSI Creator

Go to the opportunities MSI Creator. You could describe them very briefly: I will do anything. For example, in the gaming industry there is a myth that the laptop cannot be gaming by definition. Well, I9, 16 gigabytes of RAM and a GeForce 2070 this statement clearly does not agree and is able to outdo most desktops.

Cause time — fun time. Creator can be a game system, but was clearly not designed just for that. The laptop got NVIDIA Studio, meaning it passed a rigorous selection on the compactness, design, screen quality and power of the components and found the optimal high-performance solution for creative professionals in creating content. This laptop is a powerful tool for work of any complexity — from design in 3D Studio MAX and work with special effects and video in After Effects or Sony Vegas to render fast, which perfectly cope 6-core and 12-threaded processor, and new graphics RTX, support for which was added to many popular programs. Performance MSI P65 Creator programs Adobe Premier Pro 2019, REDCINE-X PRO and DaVinci Resolve 16 several times higher compared to integrated graphics of the Intel i7-8750H Laptop and MacBook Pro Vega 20. Membrane keyboard SteelSeries is longer than in the “butterfly” move, and it is very convenient to print. In General, the actual MSI Creator, being a real monster on the inside, outside looks sophisticated. Is the whole thing with aluminum housing and start from the fingerprint scanner, compatible with Windows Hello. Read more about MSI P65 Creator →

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