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Mobile operator MTS announced the transfer of many subscribers with archival tariffs, new tariff plans, the company said on its official website. The forced transfer subscribers from the old tariffs will run from 18 February to 4 March 2019. The decision, MTS will affect subscribers of the many tariff plans that were previously displayed in the archive.

According to the statement, MTS, a number of tariff plans has become irrelevant and must withdraw from service “in order to reduce the load on the technical system and release the resources to support current proposals”. In this regard, the MTS has decided to transfer the subscribers of these tariffs for the new plans “Maritime” and range Smart.

MTS will be forced to transfer subscribers to the new tariffs from February 18, 2019. From that day tariff plans will no longer be supported, and their subscribers will be connected with the new tariffs. MTS has promised that the update rate will be performed with the average monthly spend of subscribers.

What are the MTS translates into the archive?

Such rates quite a lot, they differ depending on the region. We traced that from 18 February to begin the elimination of the following tariffs:

  • Super Zero (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Zero 2011 (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Zero 2010 (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Zero old (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Zero 2010_0 (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Ноль09 (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Zero (AMIS) (SCP)
  • Super Zero 2009_поминутно (AMIS) (SCP)

However, it is important to note that liquidation rates differ from region to region. In order to see what the rates are turned off in your area, you must go to this page of the MTS website and choose your region.

Source: MTS.


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