Extremely important changes.

Mobile operator MTS has changed the popular Smart tariff without any prior announcements. On September 4, 2018 monthly charge rate decreased, but along with this conditions have worsened compared to the previous version. Refresh rate Smart already launched, the old version is no longer available.

From 4 September the tariff Smart plan includes the following services each month:

  • 200 minutes for calls to numbers of operators in the region in which you are located and the numbers of MTS throughout Russia);
  • Unlimited calls to MTS numbers (activated only after the exhaustion of package minutes);
  • Free incoming calls in trips to Russia (only for MTS network);
  • 4 GB of mobile Internet traffic;
  • 200 SMS to any operator.

Charge updated the Smart rate is 400 rubles for Moscow and the Moscow region.

It is important to note that the monthly fee and the conditions differ from region to region. For example, in St. Petersburg according to the changed rate Smart you need to pay only 350 rubles a month, but subscribers are provided with 7 GB of Internet and 300 minutes of calls. In other words, for each subscriber it is best to check the conditions of the new tariff Smart in their region on the official website of MTS at this link.

Equally important, at the rate Smart now operates daily billing. She has been involved in the case, if the money in the account is insufficient to pay the full month. As we learned earlier, daily billing goes to subscribers is much more expensive.

To connect to the upgraded fare Smart enough to dial a USSD command *111*1024#.

Source: MTS.


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