Nice innovation from the popular service.

Mobile operator MTS has announced the expansion of the program “MTS Cashback” which allows you to return the money with purchases. From November 2018 MTS invited customers to return a percentage of the money spent not only online, but offline partners of the operator. An important amendment MTS announced on its official website.

The program “MTS Cashback” expanding its borders. From November 2018, the participants will receive cashback in offline shops and services. This means that if a offline store is a partner of the program “MTS Cashback”, the user will return some of the money for a dedicated it purchasing.

In MTS have not yet clarified the full list of partners. Representatives of the operator only said that the refund will be possible in a variety of shops, salons, taxi services, etc. All the new partners of the program “MTS Cashback” will appear on the service website.

Thus, the cashback service MTS more versatile. Users of the service, as before, will be able to spend money to get discounts on smartphone purchases, or payment of cellular communication.

Source: MTS.


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