Operator MTS has announced the expansion of the programme of sales of smartphones “by subscription”. February 1, 2019, the program involves all models of devices, including Huawei Honor, Apple and Samsung. In addition to the subscription for 12 months, users will be able to sign a contract for 24 months.

The buyer can purchase any smartphone on subscription, paying for it a portion of the cost over 12 or 24 months, depending on the selected program. MTS makes a discount on the device — in one or two years the client will pay about half of the cost of the gadget. The size of the discount depends on the device model.

After the expiration of the service, the user can take an old machine and get a new, current model, extending the terms of subscription. The program is valid for all subscribers of MTS, it is integrated with mobile number and account user. Monthly client gets a 10% discount on the monthly fee of your tariff and monthly payment for the subscription is deducted directly from your account.

For example, the monthly subscription fee for 24 months for smartphone Honor View 20 worth 37990 rubles, will be 890 rubles. In 24 months the client will pay about 21 thousand rubles. The user can return your old device and choose the actual model of the gadget. The subscription will be renewed, and the monthly payment will change in the big or smaller party depending on the cost of the new device.

If the buyer intends to keep the purchased subscription smartphone itself, not changing it for a new model after two years he pays the monthly payment for the subscription for another eight months.

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