Operators have started to enforce the new law.

In 2018 in Russia introduced amendments to the law “On communication”, obliging operators to block subscribers whose identity has not been confirmed. The implementation of the new regulations began in October. Subscribers began to receive SMS with the requirement to confirm the identity within 30 days. What to do in such a situation, in order to exclude blocking of the numbers?

With legal rooms no problem

In that case, if you are a you, but you still received the SMS about the need to verify your identity, you just want to go to a salon operator. Must bring passport, whose data will be reconciled with those that are the operator. After that, the operator will have no claim to you.

If the number is owned by your relative or friend of the person, the salon will need to come along with him. He will need to bring your passport to confirm that the required operator information. To complicate this situation may, for example, that the man decorated room is located in another city.

Illegal SIM cards harder

Even on informally acquired SIM card to avoid blocking. This requires to come to the salon operator, to explain the situation and ask the application to save the number. In the model statement, you specify various information, ranging from rooms and tariffs, ending with a list of numbers that you call most often.

All these data are specified in order to enable the operator to verify that the phone is really yours. In that case, if the operator believed, it will be up to you — will have to go through the procedure of renewal.


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