Experience is not necessary.

Monday, October 8, it became known that the regional carriers are unhappy with the abolition of roaming in Russia. They complain of falling profits, as in contrast to the nationwide operators, they have no opportunity to compensate for the lack of received from the roaming revenues. It is also reported that regional operators will give their Federal positions, and they, in turn, will sharply raise the price of the bond. Fortunately, the official representatives of MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 promptly denied this information.

The price increase will not be

Operators “the big four” is not a plan to sharply increase the price of the bond regions, as previously reported by many media. Moreover, price increases are planned in principle. Even if regional operators will cease to work, it will not affect pricing.

Note that some Russian media wrote about the increase in prices on the bond “several times”. Of course, this will not happen. Including because of dissatisfaction with the regional operators to end roaming fees can not affect it.

Returns whether roaming?

Regional operators have complained that after the cancellation of domestic roaming fees they earned less. They asked the government to investigate the situation by sending a formal request and even conducted a special meeting.

However, the dissatisfaction of operators not induce FAS return to roaming in Russia. Experts suggest that the government can develop a program to encourage regional operators, offering them an additional way of earning. The return of the roaming, the abolition of which for so long sought the FAS will not take place.


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