From September 1, 2018 MTS subscribers can connect the tariff “Smart Prestige”. It includes cable television services, home and mobile Internet.

“Smart Prestige” is not available to all MTS customers, but only those in whose cities the operator provides services home Internet and cable television. In some regions the rate is presented in the form of discounts on mobile tariff plans rulers Smart. The name of the discount may vary. For example, in Moscow it’s called “Mobile communications at our expense”. For 950 RUB users get:

  • Unlimited mobile Internet.
  • Home unlimited Internet at speeds of up to 300 Mbps.
  • 500 minutes for calls in Moscow and Moscow region rate Smart NonStop.
  • 140 TV channels.

MTS also noted that they were the first to launch such a service among operators.

“MTS was the first company, which returned to its customers unlimited mobile Internet. We decided to go ahead and combine the most in-demand digital services to our clients. Combining home and mobile unlimited Internet, we want to give the subscribers maximum freedom and ease of use of communication services”, — said the Director of marketing, MTS Olga ziborova.


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