An unexpected and very pleasant operator’s decision.

Mobile operator MTS has made an important change in the popular tariff plan “Maritime”, in which subscribers are provided with unlimited mobile Internet. According to the updated rules of the tariff plan “Maritime”, the more subscribers there is no limit 500 MB/day Internet use outside your home region.

Changes in the rules of the tariff plan “Maritime” failed to notice in the official offer on the website of the operator. They were introduced September 28, 2018, but some news about this nice change MTS was published.

According to the original rules of the plan “Maritime”, subscribers had very strict restrictions on the use of the Internet outside the home region. They can spend only 500 MB per day at full speed. If the limit is exceeded, the connection speed reduced to 128 Kbps, which made the use of the Internet is almost impossible.

Now MTS has removed this restriction. When traveling in Russia, subscribers of the plan “Tarifesi” will full unlimited Internet access with no limits on traffic or speed of connection.

Earlier, MTS called “Maritime” the most popular fare in recent months.

Source: MTS.


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