The service can be activated only on expensive fares.

Mobile operator MTS has launched a new feature “a Lot of the Internet”, providing unlimited access to the Internet. The service costs only 200 rubles per month. However, you can get solely on tariffs, monthly charges for which more than 500 rubles.

MTS did the next best offer for subscribers to the popular line of Smart tariffs. Subscribers now have the ability to connect mobile Internet without limits for 200 rubles per month. The only condition is that the monthly charge rate should not exceed 500 rubles. This means that the base rate of the Smart, which is the most popular among Russians, service connection is impossible.

Subscribers of tariffs “Our Smart” Smart Top and can use the “a Lot”. Its connection is possible through the support or in the offices of the operator. Service activation in a private office or via USSD-command at the moment impossible.

Earlier MTS launched a new tariff “Bezlimita” with full unlimited Internet. We conducted an investigation and found that restrictions on the amount of traffic on the tariff do not.


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