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Mobile operator MTS has pleased customers a new promotion. Internet-shop of MTS was installed reduced prices on popular smartphones: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. Discounts are made on smartphones with a variety of memory, including officially restored versions, which are sold at the lowest price. The action will take place until after the Christmas holidays.

iPhone 6s and iPhone SE MTS discount

iPhone 6s and iPhone SE on the right are the most popular smartphones Apple in Russia over the last year. Models have excellent features that allow them to quickly run iOS 12, but it is quite affordable, unlike the newer Apple smartphones. Smartphones also help to be extremely popular different promotions that are run regularly by the retailers.

The last of these shares was marked MTS, which reduced the prices of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE as follows:

Note: all prices are discounts.

  • SE iPhone 16GB “Like new” — 14 490 rubles.
  • iPhone SE 32 GB — 17 990 rubles.
  • iPhone SE 128 GB — 21 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s 32GB — 25 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s 128GB — 30 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s Plus “Like new” 16 GB — 21 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s Plus “Like new” 64GB — 25 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6 Plus 32 GB — 28 990 rubles.

The maximum discount on the above models is 4000 rubles, which is a very good markdown if the condition is not the biggest smartphone prices. Especially noteworthy discounts on officially restored iPhone models SE and iPhone 6s Plus. These smartphone is sold with major discounts.


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