Subscribers of mobile operator MTS has complained about calls from blatant fraud. The hackers call spoofing numbers of the operator are presented as the MTS employees and try to find out personal information of subscribers.

Fraudsters use a currently popular scheme of deception. They substitute numbers for making a call purportedly from the official support service of the MTS. Then they call up MTS and are trying under various pretexts to know the personal data of subscribers.

Most often the fake MTS employees alert about “good news”. For example, say that callers are given a discount on the cellular. Scammers are very professional, introducing its potential victims astray a large amount of information.

It is noteworthy that on smartphones some users displayed the real number of cheaters, which of course does not apply to MTS. The support operator said that MTS employees call subscribers with just a single room. For mobile communication, this air — 8-800-250-0890. Thus, in MTS have confirmed that the callers were calling it a Scam.

Why criminals collect personal user data? It is possible that subsequent attempts to attack them in the savings Bank account. Earlier it became known that speculators have made massive calls to customers of the state Bank to steal money from Bank accounts of Russians.

Source: neberitrubku.


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