The operator has ambitious plans.

Mobile operator MTS and Ericsson signed an agreement on joint development and deployment of 5G networks in Russia. The first pilot network of the fifth generation with a bandwidth up to 1 Gbps will be launched in 2019.

MTS and Ericsson have agreed on close cooperation for the development of cellular networks by the year 2022. In the partners ‘ plans include the launch of the pilot and fully commercial 5G networks, the deployment of LTE Advanced networks Pro on the basis of 5G technologies and the implementation of various scenarios of new generation networks, for example, for unmanned vehicles.

The first pilot 5G network will become available to the Russians until the end of 2019. In which regions will be running a test network of the fifth generation at the moment is not announced.

It is known that MTS and Ericsson plan to launch 5G networks with close to the maximum data transfer speed, which may exceed 1 Gbps. Technology 5G will be used for the provision of broadband access to the Internet.

Source: TASS.


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