Industry leading online portal Find Biometrics Year in Review published the results of a survey of experts on the development of biometric industry in 2018.

According to experts, was most active in the last year method of recognition in the face. This trend was noted by 37% of respondents. ACCORDING to experts, not last role in this was played by Apple and Samsung. The manufacturers of gadgets in recent times to incorporate the identity and geometry of the face.

Also widely used in various segments of the economy fingerprints. This trend was supported by 14% of respondents.

One of the main trends of modern multimodal biometrics technology that is combination of several technologies such as face recognition and iris, fingerprints or voice. This approach, emphasize the security professionals, is the most promising. Primarily for the banking sector and transport infrastructure, e.g. airports. This fact agreed 28% of respondents.

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