Muscovite was able to sue the Russian representative office of Apple a large sum in compensation for a broken MacBook Pro.

As reported at the kuntsevskiy district court of Moscow, Samostatny K. A. filed a lawsuit against OOO “eppl Rus” January 25, 2019. The court considered the claim on April 16, because of the court’s decision came on 25 may and 1 July, the plaintiff obtained a writ of execution.

They purchased a 15-inch MacBook Pro at the official online store Apple Online Store. After a few days of use revealed problems with one of the USB ports and smudges on the display. At an authorised service centre laptop was kept for 10 days and replaced the connector with a display. However, after some time the stain appears on the display again and it was again replaced under warranty, after keeping the laptop for 5 days. When the spots appeared after the second repair, Samostatny refused the offer of a free third repair and demanded to return him the money on the basis that the downside is significant and appears regularly.

The requirement to return the money Apple said that the funds can be returned only if the laptop will be in repair for more than 30 days during the year. Then Samostatny wrote a complaint to Apple and gave the laptop in for service, then Apple has agreed to refund the money, but for a long time have not transferred to the plaintiff.

Then the user decided to go to court to get the money back. In addition to the cost of the laptop size 197 791 rubles, he demanded 334 267,80 rubles as of the penalty of 50 thousand rubles for compensation of moral damages a penalty of 50%, to 51 thousand rubles as compensation of legal costs, 2 800 rubles for a diagnosis and 246 rubles. for postage costs.

In the end, the court decided the case in favor of Samosudova and awarded the Apple to return him 837,6 340 rubles, and also pay a fee in the amount of 6127,92 rubles.

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