The original lawsuit.

Muscovite Maxim Marachuk filed a lawsuit against Apple due to the fact that his iPhone 4s sample 2011 release suddenly no longer included. Disgruntled owner of the smartphone Apple wants to sue Apple 67 thousand rubles.

In the lawsuit of Viracocha stated that he used an iPhone 4s in 2013. The smartphone has ceased to function in 2018, but despite the fact that the official warranty is long expired, plaintiff believes it is possible to receive compensation from Apple. The reason for this confidence lies in the fact that the packaging of iPhone 4s prescribed service life of the device within five years.

Due to the fact that the device stopped working before the end of the service life of Parachoc and decided to sue Apple. And does the plaintiff really have a reason. The law “On protection of consumers ‘rights” States that the consumer can make a claim to the manufacturer before the end of the official life of the device. However, according to the law, the plaintiff will have to prove that the lack of smartphone has been from the beginning.

Marachuk wants to sue Apple 67 thousand rubles. Why the plaintiff chose such amount of compensation is unknown.

Source: Mash.


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