In 2019, the passenger trains will be able to buy electronic tickets to any destination through the mobile app. On this portal, Moscow 24, told the head of Department it JSC “Central suburban passenger company” (CPC) Igor Evdokimov. Today with a smartphone you can buy tickets on four areas: Paveletsky, Yaroslavsky, Kazansky and Leningradsky. About how now you can buy a ticket on the train and which is prepared in the near future, read the material portal Moscow 24.

Cash is The easiest and the most the old way of buying tickets on the train — with the help of Cass. However, now in the window the cashier gives not only paper tickets, which can be on the platform, but can also record a ticket on a transport map (“three”, “Arrow” or social security card), to issue a subscription and even give the card to the mourners — it allows you to go to the platform to help with things a friend or family member.

To pay for all transactions you can also leave your wallet: Bank card, contactless services mobile and all other modern payment methods are available for passengers.

Machines For unloading to queue appeared villapiccola machines. Modern machines for purchasing tickets is almost completely unable to replace the cashier. They can buy any kinds of tickets, including season tickets and discounted tickets in the presence of social cards, and transport card carrier.

If you like bikes, then you can buy the ticket for two-wheeled iron friend, and from 11 to 16 PM and from 21 to 6 a.m. it is possible to take free and pay baggage and your beloved pet (25% of the cost of a single ticket). In addition to payment in cash in the machines, you can pay by credit card, including contactless and smartphone. Villapiccola machines are on all Metropolitan railway stations and at most stations of the commuter.

Coupons on trains in 2016 at some stations where there are ticket machines and ticket offices, for the convenience of passengers mounted terminals pre-travel documents. With the new terminal, passengers are free to get your boarding pass and pay the fare already in the train, the controllers, at the box office upon arrival on the platform of destination, or in bellapictures device. Such a card allows you to pay only the fare, but not to pay additional service fee which is 100 or 200 rubles.

Now such devices can be found on the Kiev, Yaroslavl, Savelovsky, Riga and Kazan directions. 19 stations of the Kiev direction of set 42 self-service terminals, 33 terminals appeared on the 11 stations of the Yaroslavl direction, 51 terminal pre-sale of tickets is located on 22 stops Savelovsky direction, the terminal 119 mounted on the platforms 33 of the Kazan direction, and Riga — more than 60 terminals in 25 stations. They all have solar panels and anti-vandal coating.

Banking and transport card In the next couple of years, commuter carriers promise to introduce a very convenient form of payment — by means of transport or a Bank card directly at the turnstile. It is assumed that the pass for the train will be attached to the validator turnstile “Three”, “Arrow”, or contactless Bank card, on which is locked a certain sum and will be written off at the end station. At stations where there are no turnstiles, validators will be installed to control the passage.

However, the question is still under discussion. The main problem of introducing such a payment method that is not at all suburban stations have turnstiles.

Mobile app last Fall, mobile app CFPP has the opportunity to buy electronic tickets on the train via smartphone. To purchase a ticket, passengers need to install the application “Schedule and tickets CFPP”, then choose the route, train, travel date and the ticket type — “there” or “there-back”. To pay for the ticket by credit card or through Google Pay and Apple Pay. After purchasing an e-ticket you must activate the app, scan the QR code on the display placed on spartanette at the departure station. On an e-ticket will appear on the bar code to attach to the scanner of the turnstile at the train station.

Now, you can buy an electronic ticket for most stations the four directions of the Moscow railway (MZHD). It is possible, for passengers 10 platforms Paveletsky direction: Paveletskiy railway station, Nizhny Kotly, Kolomenskoye, Biryulevo-Tovarnaya, Biryulevo-Passenger, Domodedovo Airport-Domodedovo, Barybino, Mikhnevo, Stupino.

From November 1 last year can buy electronic ticket on the Yaroslavl direction for the 22 stations: Yaroslavsky railway station, Moscow-3, Malenkovskaya, Yauza, Northerner, Losinoostrovskaya, Moose, Perl, Tayninskaya, Mytishchi, Podlipki-Dachnye, Funnels, Shchelkovo Chkalovskaya, Monino, Ivanteevka-2, Ivanteevka, Fryazino-Passenger, Builder, Precepts of Ilyich, Pushkin, Alexander-1.

The mobile service also allows you to issue tickets from the stations of the Kazan direction of the closest metro station Elektrozavodskaya, New, Mill, Perovo, and Veshnyaki, Vyhino, Kosino, Ukhtomskaya, Lyubertsy, Punk and Tomilino. The list also includes Kansas city, Specific, Bykovo, Elias, Leisure, Factory, Ramenskoe, 88 km from Kolomna Golutvin, kurowski and Shatura.

To purchase an electronic ticket for travel on the Leningrad direction, you need to download another application “RZD Passengers”. It allows to issue tickets for suburban trains Moscow-Tver suburban passenger company (MTPC) plying on sites Moscow — Tver (Konakovo) and Tver — Bologoye (Torzhok). The application can issue single tickets and “There” or “back and forth” on ordinary trains, trains “Comfort” and speed “Swallows”. You can also buy an electronic ticket.

Face detection Carriers now think about the introduction of the most innovative types of fare payment. In the future passengers will be able to completely abandon the ticketing media, i.e., paper tickets, transit cards and any other additional devices. And the main media will be the biometric data of the person. It is assumed that at the request of the passengers will be able to read their biometrics to buy tickets on the train. This will allow it to pass through the turnstiles without a ticket or pass. The system will automatically calculate whether the passenger has a valid travel document.

“You will not need to carry a plastic card, you will not need to carry a smartphone or something additional, passenger can simply go through our turnstiles and to use our services,” explained head of it CFPP Igor Evdokimov.

In this case, all biometric data of passengers will be collected only with the consent of the person, and will store them in a secure place so they do not become public knowledge and was not in the hands of fraudsters. In the testing of face recognition technology are already part of the Kiev railway station and transport interchange hub “Solar”, however, are her only employees of the carrier, but not the passengers. As the developers say, in this technology a lot depends on the infrastructure, the weather, the human condition, from the presence of his headdress and other conditions. First results on testing biometric payment in trains can you imagine in 2019.

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