In Russia for eight years, the law “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”, which prohibits the dissemination of harmful information among children and adolescents. “360” understand how rules of law are working in the Network.

What says the law?

The bill forbids to distribute information, which contains the call to the personal injury or suicide. Also banned the promotion of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, prostitution and begging. Distributors may not distribute content, founding or justifying the admissibility of violence and cruelty. In addition, in the stop-list include foul language and pornography.

For teenagers from 12 years old the law provides for some relief: for turnover of information products permitted episodic image or description of cruelty and violence without naturalistic show murder. However, there are conditions: either should Express compassion for the victim, or the conviction for cruelty. It is also allowed to show and describe the scenes of gambling, alcohol and cigarettes, but the content should be condemning attitude towards them and talk about the danger.

The law allows you to distribute single swear words among adolescents from 16 years of age. In addition, they can see images and descriptions of accidents, accidents, accidents and death without naturalistic show their effects that can cause fear or panic.

All these items relate to content that is distributed on the territory of Russia in the media, printed and audiovisual materials in any media and on the Internet.

Does it work?

We decided to check out how the major distributors of music and video restrict access for children and adolescents to content that is not suitable for their age. For this purpose we have registered a new account in Apple Music, “Yandex. Music” and YouTube, and have specified the number “14” in the column “age”. For the experiment took popular Russian rap artists and try to run their tracks on the smartphone.

The best results to block content showed Apple. Of the 38 available songs rapper Husky service has closed access to the 34 tracks. When you try to start the music Apple Music writes “the Playback of this object is impossible, since it has inappropriate content”. However, along with this message the developers left instructions on how to disable constraints manually through the settings. Moreover, in the remaining available tracks you can hear profanity.

A similar situation is happening with music LJ. Of the 60 loaded on the platform tracks 14-year-old child, you can listen to only a small part. However, the number available was a place songs about drugs with abusive words. For example, in the Afterparty track, you can hear the line “you Have a girlfriend, I have road. Feet are dancing, *** knows how many ***** (very) long dancing feet”.

Different situation in the Russian “answer” to iTunes. Apparently, “Yandex. Music” does not take into account the age of the users. 14-year-olds are allowed to listen to all the music available in the streaming service. There are all the songs that were blocked in the Apple Music due to age restrictions. Including the main fighters Huskies and LJ.

On YouTube situation is more complicated. The rules state that the roller can impose age restrictions if it contains swearing, graphic images and scenes of violence, sexual content and demonstration of harmful or dangerous actions. But YouTube blocks videos for kids and adolescents selectively: this usually occurs only after complaints from users. Therefore, a huge amount of adult content still available to children.

For example, 14-year-old child can easily view all perezaleite rollers of the same Husky, including clip, recently blocked “at the request of state bodies”.

Moreover, hosting allows children to watch the clip of Russian pop-stars of Ibiza, where Philip the plot Masturbates asshole and sits on the face of Nikolai Baskov, which turned over in the Porta-potty. In between the song on the video swearing Sergey Shnurov. We will remind, that for participation in this video artists even proposed to deprive the state titles. The authors pointed out in the initial plate that the clip can be viewed only by adult users, but even after that YouTube has restricted access to the video. Didn’t, apparently, and the authors, although technical possibilities are there.

Why is this happening?

According to the lawyer Raisa Zhuravleva, the law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development” is not given specific recommendations, allowing to classify particular information.

Court practice on protection of children from information harmful to their health and development, are still evolving. Underdeveloped legislative framework, there is no clear-cut definitions, recommendations on the identification of violations, and no tools efficiently and in a timely manner to identify violations in this area

Raisa Zhuravlevich

The lawyer also added that fall under the age limit of the content is not illegal information. Its circulation and distribution is not prohibited, provided, however, that the producers/distributors, and the parents will take action to protect children from such information.

“If parents are worried about the possibility of the child to access certain information that could cause him harm, they can set preferences or filters on the Internet. In addition, there are the market, where access is only safe for the child (“the Megaphone” “Children’s Internet” Yandex DNS, etc.)”, — said Zhuravlev in an interview with “360”.

The head of the Internet company LiveInternet and news aggregator MediaMetrics Herman Klimenko in conversation with “360” noted that the Russian regulators are not legally obliged to block content that is unsuitable for younger users.

“The legislation at the moment, if I understand correctly, requires you to mark and tag this content, and not to regulate its delivery,” — said Klimenko.

As a result, despite the existence of legal regulation, existence of regulatory bodies in the face of Roskomnadzor, and valid technical tools at each site, the problem of children’s access to adult content in regular mode, no one seriously engaged. It is possible that it is simply unnecessary?

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