My advice. Which iPhone is better to buy at the end goodpretty Hyde without excess.

We assume that you are already on the right track and own an iPhone, not anything on Android. But I want a new one. This is normal, especially for the New year: not to please — the last thing.

So what to take? If you have…

iPhone 4s and older

iPhone 4s, color Black

What to bring: iPhone 8
How urgently the day before yesterday

If you still have lasted with a smartphone early 2010s… first, respect for your patience. Secondly, the horror. You have ahead is full of discoveries: large contrast displays, incredible in comparison photos from the camera, the whole car iOS and even normal standalone operation.

I’m jealous of your experiences. Best buying all the parameters will iPhone 8. Price is adequate, and the performance of the processor will be enough for 3-4 years. Only caution: headphone Jack not, will suffer for the adapter or go to the Bluetooth model.

What will be better: everything. Do not forget to change your SIM card with micro to nano–standard.

iPhone 5 (review) and 5s (review)

iPhone 5s color Space Gray and iPhone 5 color Black & Slate

What to bring: iPhone SE
How urgent: you can not rush

Most likely, you love the body and the size of the display. Otherwise I would have long upgraded. The only upgrade option for you that year remains iPhone SE. This is the most unusual smart for Apple: it’s a miniature by the standards in 2018, but he has almost all I was capable of yesterday’s flagships. And it works so quickly, just wow!

Users suffer fewer iPhone 5s iPhone 5: they at least have iOS 12, the best mobile operating system Apple. But they would warmly recommend to take SE. Fortunately now they are very cheap and yet to disappear from sale is not going to.

What will be better: everything, but particularly the camera and performance. Case you can leave the old, only the flash will not fit there entirely.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (review)

iPhone 6, color Gold

What to take: the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, if you have enough money

How urgent: if you have a 6 Plus, then immediately

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus in 2018 work too bad. A year ago it was obvious that the power of the CPU and the GPU in this model is not pulling the display resolution. You have inhibit effects, the battery is already dying or replaced. And users 6 Plus is remains to sympathize: it’s quite buggy and brake even on iOS 12.

Taking iPhone 8, you finally remember that your use of the iPhone, and not the budget rubbish on Android. Processor, “eight” is very powerful. Great camera. Offline decent, significantly better than the iPhone 6s.

And on the side of the iPhone 7. If you sell the old “six”, you will need to pay a few thousand rubles. It is considered the most balanced model of the iPhone generation “remnants”, and a strength higher than the (metal back instead of glass in iPhone 8). In short, it is a matter of free money.

What will be better: sensor Touch ID, performance, display, camera (portrait mode) and standalone operation. The old covers will not fit, need another cutout for the camera.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (review)

iPhone 6 Plus color Gold

What to bring: iPhone 8
How urgent: now is the time

Now almost all require the iPhone 6s (or begin to hint at the need) replacement battery. iOS 12 is working for them well, small lags and occasional freezes can be tolerated. I would, however, do not bother to repair. Better “throw it” and updated.

If I wanted something new, the iPhone 8. This is the logical final development of your model: there are both wireless charging and good camera. Even offline are surprised that I can squeeze out on average one to two hours longer than 6s.

Now iPhone 8 cheaper because of the release of the iPhone XR on sale, staying better display and the availability of 3D Touch — a serious help to take the “eight” and not to worry a couple of years for sure.

What will be better: the camera (portrait mode), battery life, performance, display with True Tone (this is good).

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (review)

iPhone 7 Plus, colour Space Gray

What to bring: iPhone X, XR or nothing

Urgency: not very urgent

This iPhone for 3 years, but it works very well. Especially Plus: exclusive model 3 gigabytes of RAM — perfect performance for the next few years.

Upsets only work offline from the regular iPhone 7. In this regard, iPhone 8, X, and the new model has gone far ahead.

If you change iPhone 7, then immediately on the iPhone X or XR, not the iPhone 8. Large display with almost no frames, Face ID, wireless and fast charging (USB-C), at least a noticeable increase in battery life (especially in the case of iPhone XR).

What will be better: display without frames, Face ID. Headroom in the format “high” enough a year or two or three for sure.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (review)

iPhone 8 Plus, color the Product RED
What to bring: iPhone X, XR or nothing

How urgent: only if absolutely was impatient

Honestly, there’s only one reason to change iPhone 8 for something newer: display and Face ID. If you like horror and want to get rid of the frames and Touch ID, then take the last X or XR. Other real reasons for doing it do not see.

8 iPhone performance iPhone is equal to X, so the difference in performance will not notice. And the display have the Plus version is largely better than the iPhone XR: how are the viewing angles and the resolution (Full HD vs HD). More and 3D Touch will lose.

I’d wait next year, honestly.

What will be better: display without frames, Face ID.

iPhone X (review)

iPhone X, color Space Gray

What to bring: a no-th-th
How urgently does

You don’t have harmful gadgetmaster desires? Maybe mentally suffering from possession from a smartphone? If not, then no reason to change iPhone X no. Generally no, especially logical.

Okay, barely scrape one reason to go specifically for the iPhone Xs-Max: if the screen of “dozens” seems too small. But “max” is not suitable for everyone, the size on the fan or fan of the giant of smartphones.

In the rest of the iPhone owners X can absolutely confidently to wait until next year. By the way, rumor has it that soon iPhone X officially back on sale. Than not an indicator?

What will be better: better yet nowhere.

iPhone SE (review)

iPhone SE color Space Gray

What to bring: iPhone SE
As urgent: when will SE break the iPhone
Best iPhone SE can only be iPhone SE.

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