The well-publicized big Baby Teyp has acquired, through interviews Veduka for the show “wdud” in which Fedor admitted that the contractor is in the top 2 of his favorite rappers. Later the track of the Tape “Gimme The Loot”, just a few days after the release of their debut album “Dragonborn”, was placed first in the Apple Music, iTunes Store, and “Vkontakte”., “Dragonborn” has captured the hearts of millions, providing young performer’s loyal fans.,

First solo European tour of the musician, the incident this fall, has 9 cities, including Kaliningrad.

Warming up under the big, Baby Teyp hundreds of girls and boys dancing, laughing, and some, much suffered prolonged anxiety, even crying. But instead of the long-awaited guy named “Nabanco” appears his bodyguard panicked and announces to the crowd that the concert was cancelled. The official cause of the Teyp sick. Frustrated students leaving the club, discuss how to go home now. Moms attending the concert, to soothe their children. Angry and distressed listeners diverge., But the situation changes when on the following day (25 September) in the same place at the same time, the Tape still goes on stage.,

Hundreds of mobile phones like signal, rise up, female screams fill the room. But rapper a “format” is not satisfied, and after the first song he gives “we Have two options: either you remove everything on their phones and standing face-brick, or you post here all under this… (go)”. Next to the guy with the frantic screaming starts to jump, and after chanting “Go, Go, Tape”. Hall quickly picks up and breaks into a dance.

A few tracks later, caught cold big Baby Teyp takes a little breather and sweaty and weak fans waiting when scattered dozens of water bottles around the room. But in the full ecstasy of the crowd results in the recognition of an artist in love: “I love Russia more than Europe.”, Fans shouting memorized by heart songs of the Tape, jump, slomatsya., Yes, and the contractor acknowledges: “I Think today we blew it all.”, Photo: Leonid Gakhanskiy

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