The novelty will have to wait.

Apple is actively working to develop its own electric vehicle, codenamed Titan. According to reliable sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the company intends to introduce its first electric car in 2022.

Apple approached the creation of the electric vehicle very seriously. The company is recruiting the best professionals, do not hesitate to learn from their competitors. It is known that Apple has hired dozens of leading employees from Tesla, General Motors and Ford to work on its own electric car.

It is noteworthy that the company continues to look for talent. On the Apple website regularly, new jobs, or otherwise associated with the development of the electric vehicle. Most of these jobs disappear from the Apple website relatively quickly.

Recall that last year, insiders said the termination of Apple working on electric car. According to sources, Apple realized that overestimated their strength, and decided to focus on software for electric vehicles. However, in early 2018 on a range of sources reiterated that Apple is working specifically on the electric car, and not only over for him.

Source: BP.


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