The last few months in the network there are rumors according to which Apple plans to release 16-inch MacBook Pro at the end of this year. If a company does this, then the new device will be the biggest laptop of Apple company, if not to take into account the 17-inch MacBook Pro, which Apple successfully “killed” a few years ago. But the display size is even and excellent, but not as impressive as the rumors about an updated keyboard and, importantly, support faster charging.

Thus, according to the Chinese edition Chongdiantou, new 16-inch MacBook Pro will be equipped with the fastest charging among all laptops of the company, existing today. This assumption was made on the basis of leaked information that MacBook Pro to 16 inches will be shipped with power adapter USB-C, whose power will be 96 watts.

It though small, but a step forward from the company, given that with the current generation MacBook Pro 15-inch company the kit puts the adapter only 87 watts. And if you take into account that the company will also change the keyboard type from the butterfly to something more durable, the update promises to turn out rather interesting. Recall that the announcement of the new Apple devices, among which in addition to laptop have to enter the new iPad Pro, according to rumors, will be held before the end of October.

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