The best employers for Russian students named technology companies Google, Yandex and Apple. This is evidenced by data research portal for job search Future Today, which leads to RBC.

The survey involved more than 20 thousand students from the top 30 universities in the country that are graduating this year or next year. The majority of respondents want to work at Google — 21.3 percent of respondents. “Yandex” was chosen by 19.4% of students, and 16.5 percent.

“Gazprom” held the third place ranking, shifted to fourth as a priority for future work chose it 15 percent of students. The top five also included BMW — 8.4 percent of the vote.

The most important factors in choice of employer respondents believe flexible schedule (41.4 per cent), balance of work and personal life (37.8%), friendly staff (35.4%). All students stated that they want a salary of more than 120 thousand rubles per month. 42 percent of respondents are ready to work for 50 thousand rubles.

In April 2018 it was reported that “Gazprom Neft” for the second year in a row became the best employer among national companies by international award Randstad Award. First place in the rating of the company received the results of an independent survey 9.5 thousand respondents of the working population of all regions of Russia.

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