The most care of their smartphones and tablets owners of gadgets from Apple and Samsung. To such conclusion experts of the company “Sberbank insurance”. Details published portal Telecom Daily.

Experts analyzed 100 thousand contracts of insurance of the gadgets. It turned out that 27% of insured gadgets have on Apple and Samsung. ZTE are in second place (11%). Followed by Nokia, Honor and Meizu (8%, 7% and 6%, respectively). Of the total number insured through the company of gadgets the average performance of the Sony, Fly, Xiaomi, Huawei. But the smartphones from Lenovo owners apparently are not too cherish. The share of these gadgets is less than 1%.

“Our portfolio of insurance of new equipment accounted for 86% of insurance and 14% have used gadgets that were insured immediately after costly repairs,” — said the head of affiliate sales Konstantin Filippov.

Often insurance is used in case of mechanical damage, as a rule, drops gadgets. The proportion of such cases is 87%. In 8% of phone owners contacted the company, if you dropped the phone or tablet in water or knock over their Cup of tea, coffee. In 3% of cases the event occurred in case of theft of the gadget.

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