This is a small but noticeable improvement.

Apple added in iOS 12 many new features and made the firmware faster and more productive. However, the company did not hear the users and have added one important improvement in the Photos app. Security of personal photos of iPhone and iPad users are still at risk.

This is gaining popularity of the topic with complaints about the inability to hide certain photos and albums from outside with a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID. The new function does not need to start from scratch — it already works in the Notes app.

To view the blocked note you must enter a password or use a biometric sensor iPhone and iPad. Why the same options are not present in the Photos is a mystery.

Note that now there are two ways to protect your personal pictures from prying eyes. The first is to hide the media filesby adding them to a special album. In this case, photos and videos are only available in this album. The drawback of this method — anyone who will go to the tab “Photos” to “Albums” tab to see your personal photos.

The second method is to import the images to “Notes” and lock it with a password, Touch ID or Face ID. You need to create a new note at the bottom of the screen click on the ” + ” icon, choose from your library right materials and then install the lock. But it is also inconvenient.

Perhaps Apple will hear the users and add the function to lock access to photos in iOS 13, which will release in 2019. Until have to use workarounds.

Source: Reddit


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