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Named seven gadgets that can monitor problems with settemaxer called seven modern gadgets that can save someone’s life. They monitor the heartbeat, measures the pressure and warn if the indicators fall within the boundaries of the norm.

Apple Watch

Smart watch can detect irregular heartbeat and to warn people about the risk to his life. Arrhythmia is diagnosed by means of sensors and infrared light: the gadget analyzes the change in the volume of blood flowing through the arm.


Handheld device with two metal “pillows” measures the heartbeat in just 30 seconds. For this we need to run the application and attach the tips of the index and middle fingers to the “pads”.

T-Shirt Servier

In the fabric of the t-shirt from French company sewn 15 electrodes that monitor cardiac signals.


In the cuff smartwatch is fitted with a sensor that monitors the pressure of the man round the clock and stores the results in the mobile app.


Scientists from Cambridge have announced the belt which should be worn not at the waist and on the chest. Device through the monitor will report, if you notice failures in the work of the heart. In a smart belt will come in two years.

Necklace with sensors

Plastic ornament measures heart rate, skin temperature, respiration, catching early signs of failure. Information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sent to specialists.


The new app uses the smartphone camera to diagnose heart rhythms. For measuring you have to put your fingers to the lens, according to the latest news.

Recall that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and Russia.

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