And again, Apple distinguished.

Edition of MarketWatch interviewed security professionals to find out what smartphones are really safe to use. The interviewed experts were unanimous in declaring that the only secure smartphone is the iPhone.

All models support iOS 12 recognized as the most safe to use. The list includes all smartphones from iPhone 5s to the latest iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Previous models of the iPhone can have security problems, experts say, as they do not have the latest updates.

The computer security expert Jessica Ortega stressed that Apple pays a lot of attention to the safety of their products. Apple faster than the other responds to the presence of vulnerabilities, but also ensures that the App store had not penetrated any malicious means.

Also according to her, the Android smartphones can collect data about the user and send it to Google server. This is done to improve Google’s services and display targeted advertising, however, experts see this as a threat.

Experts noted that although the leading smartphone manufacturers care about the safety of their customers, the owners of the mobile devices must remain vigilant. In many ways, the protection of smartphones from any threats depends on the user and his level of computer literacy, experts say.

Source: MarketWatch.


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